DCE Torit Type Cartridge


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To Suit
– Downflo, Downflo II, TD, DF, DF+, DFT, Non-Donaldson competitive fit DIN Flange cartridges

Height – 600, 660, 1000 or 1200mm

Outer Diameter – 325 /350mm

Inner Diameter – 213 / 240mm

Media: 80/20 Flame Retardant, Polyester, Polyester Anti-Static, PTFE Standard or Polyester Nano Flame Retardant

Additional information


600mm, 660mm, 1000mm, 1200mm


Spunbond Polyester, Spunbond Polyester Anti-Static, PTFE Standard, 80/20 Flame Retardant, Polyester Nano Flame Retardant

End Cap

Open/Open, Open/Closed

Outer Diameter

325mm, 350mm


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