DFPro collectors delivers longer filter life and higher efficiency in a compact “Plug and Go” unit.

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The Donaldson DFPro dust collectors are dust and fume collection systems specifically engineered for various applications including plasma, autogenous and laser cutting. DFPro collectors use unique oval-shaped cartridge filters making dust and fume filtration more efficient, compact and cost-effective.

DFPro designs range from a small 3-filter model to a large 16-filter model accomodating flow rates from 2,000 up to 16,000 m³/h / 1,177 up to 9,417 cfm.

  • “Plug and Go” unit
  • Closed coverage type (complete system) and quiet operation
  • High performance oval-shaped cartridge filters and efficient filter media
  • Fast and easy installation, easy maintenance with quick-access filters
  • Energy cost saving due to low energy requirements

Unique Oval-Shaped Cartridge Filters Contribute to Higher Airflow Capacity

The DFPRO oval-shaped filters, in conjunction with our innovative nanofiber filter media, trap more dust on the surface of the filter than conventional commodity types of filter media such as depth-loading cellulose,
polyester or cellulose/polyester blend. Oval-shaped filters handle up to 25% more airflow than traditional circular-shaped filters without increasing velocities to ensure efficient dust control.

DFPRO Cartridge Dust Collectors Features and Advantages:

  • Fully integrated system with damper valve, range of fan motors, factory prewiring, cleaning mechanism and Torit® control board
  • “Plug and Go” unit
  • No extra duct work between unit and fan
  • Cleaning mechanism protected from external elements
  • Self-centering with a handle for easy changes
  • Corner installation possible
  • Quick-release dust disposal system
  • Removable side profiles to allow fork lift transport
  • Flat side walls
  • Outside installation possible



Donaldson employees partner with customers to solve complex filtration problems from over 140 locations around the globe.


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