The Dryflo® mist collector is a high-efficiency mist filtration solution.

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Dryflo® mist collectors from Donaldson Torit® are effective and efficient mist filtration solutions, providing a more productive work environment by reducing coolant and machining oil mists in a machine-mountable package. The Dryflo provides high performance technology and easy, predictable maintenance.

  • High performance three-stage filtration improves collection efficiency at every stage
  • Provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity
  • Reduces risk of mist related hazards
  • Quick and easy filter changes—workers have minimal contact with collected oil
  • Predictable maintenance with a differential pressure gauge
  • Lower plant maintenance costs
  • Mounts directly onto a machining center to collect oil, water-soluble, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolant
  • Low profile


Normal Operation

Dryflo Filter Media

Dryflo filter media is made from proprietary synthetic media incorporating both small and large fibers for optimum filtration. The smaller fibers provide increased filtration efficiency; after mist is captured and coalesced, the larger fibers allow the oil to drain from the filter. The media also incorporates a proprietary corrugation method which maintains uniform airflow and lower pressure while the media is saturated with oil.

High Performance Three-Stage Filtration Improves Collection Efficiency at Every Stage

Dryflo First and Second Stage Filters

First Stage

A prefilter that removes larger mist droplets, metal dust and swarf captured by the collector. Wire mesh thin screen and polypropylene mesh are available.


Second Stage

A three-layer wrap of synthetic high-loft material collects small mist drops into larger oil droplets, which drain out of the mist collector.

Dryflo Third Stage Filter

Third Stage

Collects, coalesces and drains the finer mist droplets generated by metalworking applications. Along with vertically oriented pleats, the third-stage filter cartridge incorporates the Pleatloc™ media spacing system, which enhances drainage and provides a lower pressure drop, higher filtration efficiency and less re-entrainment of collected mist.

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Long Lasting Efficiency

The Dryflo cartridge is a proven, highly efficient mist filter that actually increases efficiency over time when collecting soluble oil or synthetic fluid. In tests conducted by the University of North Carolina (UNC), the Dryflo was shown to offer increased efficiency over time, resulting in longer HEPA filter life and reduced HEPA filter replacement costs.
Gauging Efficiency

Using UNC’s protocol for evaluating the cartridge efficiency, Dryflo mist collectors with HEPA final filter are a reliable, high performance filtration solution. To prolong HEPA filter life, the upstream filter stages must also be highly efficient. HEPA life depends on the cumulative loading it receives, which in turn, depends on the performance of the upstream collection stages.

Evaluating efficiency as a function of droplet diameter and pressure drop over 14 days, UNC protocol determines the size distribution of droplets generated during a variety of wetmachining operations. Droplet sizes ranging from 1.8 micron to 3.2 micron were tested to determine the average efficiency of Dryflo collectors on soluble oil and synthetic fluid.

Average Efficiency of Dryflo on Soluble Oil and Synthetic Fluid
Droplet Size Dryflo Collector with HEPA Dryflo Collector without HEPA
1.8 micron 100% 98%
3.2 micron 100% 100%





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