The compact HLP series includes modern energy-saving controls and complete purification package.

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The HLP series of high pressure heatless adsorption dryer is a complete purification package and includes high efficiency pre- and after filter as well as a condensate drain.

The HLP dryer series was developed for compression phases of up to 25, 40, 100, 250 and 400 bar. The smaller models permit space-saving wall assembly, while the larger dryers require less production area and height due to a new framework concept. The HLP PN 100 – 400 ensures high operating safety since the LED display informs the compressed air user about all important parameters. Adsorption, regeneration, pressurizing and service are in indicated on the LED display.

In the standard option with the Superplus Ultraconomy microprocessor control, the dryer becomes particularly energy-saving. The new control provides for a significant reduction of the compressed air-specific operating costs because it controls the different process cycles according to demand.






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