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Depth filtration is a technique where a deep bed of filter media is used to retain solid particles at various levels throughout the body of the filter element.

Klariflo is a depth filter system that provides liquids clarification to micronic limits.

Units are designed so that users can remove and replace the elements with ease. The specification to which klariflo filters are manufactured depends on the application, making them suitable for a wide range of fluids with varying conditions of temperature and pressure.

Standard cartridge filter elements provide depth filtration from 1 to 100 microns.

HE cartridges offer high performance filtration, and provide depth filtration from 0.3 to 180 microns.






For almost 100 years, Auto-Klean, a British company, has been at the forefront of design and development of filter engineering, providing solutions for almost every need. The vast range of fluids handled range from water to highly viscous resins, from liquefied gases to high temperature steam and from liquids under vacuum conditions to high pressure hydraulic oils. Auto-Klean manufacture a complete range of filters designed to protect engineering plant by the continuous removal of harmful or unwanted solids from fluids. The outstanding feature of most of these filters is that they are self-cleaning whilst in service, either by mechanical operation, or manually by the turn of a handle. Visit Site Visit Auto-Klean Site


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