Designed to offer a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional nitrogen gas generators.

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The Nitropac nitrogen generator produces nitrogen gas from compressed air on-site, offering a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional nitrogen gas supplies such as cylinders.

     Nitropac Gas Generator

Nitrogen is regularly used in food and beverage processes, for example to flush and dry bottles prior to the filling process or for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The Nitropac provides the option to generate the gas on-site with various purity specifications from 95% to 99.9995%. Sustainable on-site gas generation leads to low product lifecycle cost and a fast return on investment. Costs associated with bulk N2 such as delivery or rental charges, increasing gas prices or downtime are eliminated.

With its compact design, the Nitropac is much smaller than bulk N2 tanks and does not consume valuable workspace. The generator comes with a modular expandable design; the entire range is based on the same adsorber module size, so the capacity can be increased by simply adding adsorber modules. High-efficiency pre and after filters with UltraPleat™ technology are included in the generator package to ensure highest efficiency of air separation process and high purity of the nitrogen outlet flow.






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