V Series

Designed for the removal of water, oil aerosols and solid particles from compressed air and gases.

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V Series filter elements are designed for the processing of compressed air or gases in industrial applications. Due to the flow-optimized design of the filter element as well as the assigned filter media and the advanced production technology, differential pressure is minimized and a continuously high separation efficiency is ensured.

Validated performance data acc. to ISO 12500-1 (oil aerosol retention) and ISO 12500-3 (particulate retention) for reliable achievement of compressed air quality suitable to achieve ISO 8573-1 quality classes.

V Series filter elements possess the three-dimensional micro fiber fleece made of polyester, which works oleophobic and hydrophobic. By utilizing various filtration mechanisms such as retention by direct impact, sieve effect and diffusion effect, liquid aerosols and solid particles are retained in the filter.

Donaldson V elements are used in our DF compressed air housing.







Donaldson employees partner with customers to solve complex filtration problems from over 140 locations around the globe.


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